Had a good weekend racing at milestone, with
Micky and Megan in there new camper. It felt good to race hard with some of the the boys in the 250b class and the school boy class at the weekend. Saturday I had a 2nd overall in the school boy class and in the 250b class I had a third overall. Then on Sunday the track was a lot different to what it was like on Saturday. They had put a lot more water on the track and the ruts were way deeper. But I liked it like that in the 250b class I had a 2nd overall then went on the win my first overall in the school boy class so that felt good to get a win, right before I come next weekend. But it is almost time to go racing back in the uk so next Saturday I will be coming home, to test my new race bikes out and do a few warm up races before the maxxis British championship. So that should be good to show some people that I have been putting in the hard work and that this year is going to be a good year for me. Also I will be racing the last ax round in London, Wembley. so that should be really fun and I can’t wait for that because there is no better feeling racing around with thourds of people watching you. So my race bike should be all ready for that and ripping.

See you soon guys I come home this Saturday!