Usa week 3

me again,

This week started off by doing loads of fitness tests with my new trainer and getting to know the people I will be training with. The tests are really hard, they all get harder as the tests roll on. I have also been in the hills on my mounting bike. It’s so hard being […]

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USA week 2

Hi Guys,

well, week two has been an amazing week. I have been riding every day for the past week at Milestone, Pala, Lake Elsinore and Compedage working on my skills on the bike. I have been working on corners and trying to not shut off, but it won’t happen overnight, I am getting there.

During week […]

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USA week 1


Hello guys,

my trip so far has been amazing.

Day One:
We started off with a good flight over the U.S, and after a good nights sleep, we went to go to collect my KXF250.

Day two:
I went out to Cahuilla Creek track with Micky and Jeff, It’s a brilliant track with all the hills and all the […]

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Dylan Woodcock

NAME:- Dylan Woodcock
AGE:- 14
Kawasaki, Team Green, Monster Energy, Thor, EKS, Deft Family, Suomy, Motorex Motor oil,
Maxxis Tyres, Ducksmart, Extremeworks MX, Alpinestars boots, POD knee braces,
and Atlas neck brace.
When I was 3 years old, I got my first bike for my birthday it was a PW50. I was on it most every night after school and […]

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